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MetCon SEZ

A golden light at the end of the runway

Metal Concentrators is excited to introduce our new, flagship, sustainability-focused refinery, MetCon SEZ.

At the end of a busy OR Tambo runway, Project Doré is slowly taking shape. The brick and bones of a building with a vision. In lockdown limbo construction has somewhat stalled, but the intention holds fast: for the new Metal Concentrators factory, MetCon SEZ, to be one of the most advanced and sustainable refineries in the world. Doré, as the project is named internally, means gilded or golden in French. It may also refer to an unrefined bar of gold and silver alloy. The name has clear connotations, yet for MetCon it also signifies the legacy we hope the refinery and its jeweller services division to hold. A space of brilliance, with product and service offerings that respect South Africa’s precious metals, support its jewellers and benefit its economy.

MetCon SEZ is positioned elegantly and strategically, situated within the Jewellery Manufacturing Precinct (JMP) of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of OR Tambo International Airport. The SEZ is an incentivised initiative with the intention to increase production, competitiveness and global export of South African products. It will also contribute to the national beneficiation strategy of the country. The JMP is a world-class precious metals and jewellery hub, designed to stimulate the industry and multiply beneficiation possibilities. It is home to design@50, a commercial training centre for jewellery design graduates, and will host the South African Diamond and Precious Metals Regulator and the State Diamond Trader. MetCon SEZ will be the only refinery in the precinct.

From conceptualisation, MetCon SEZ was going to be a green building. To support MetCon’s ongoing sustainability story and, simply, because it makes sense! Green buildings are energy and resource efficient, environmentally responsible and require lower operating costs. They are future-proofed, attractive to investors and talent, and, importantly, they offer occupants comfort, wellbeing and improved productivity. We have worked closely with our architects and project manager, Michael Vincer, to ensure that MetCon SEZ has a complete green building management system. Taking into account the use of all resources, we have optimised light, temperature, ventilation, electricity and water. Solar panels will make use of the gorgeous Joburg weather and charging stations for electric vehicles will be available.

The interior is modern and tactile, with textures of wood and brick reflecting the natural landscape. Local artists and designers will be celebrated, with the space boasting prized pieces by Gregor Jenkin, Sandile Zulu, Tony Nkotsi and Johan Moolman (to name a few). State-of-the-art technology is secured, allowing us to refine, produce wealth products and perform jeweller services uncompromised. With ORTIA being a National Key Point, exemplary security is guaranteed.

For now, convivial celebration seems far off, but cocktails, hugs and sighs of relief are on their way. We look forward to a space to reinvigorate our energy and do what we do best:

Tell Stories, and
Inspire Others

Ribbon-cutting ceremonies were planned for July 2020, but have been postponed to year end or even early 2021. Let the anticipation build!

This article was first published in the June 2020 edition of Jewel Trader.

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