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Recycled Metals

MetCon uses recycled metals — primarily gold and silver — wherever possible.

Why We Use Recycled Precious Metals

Metal mining, and gold mining in particular, can wreak havoc on the environment and the communities in which it is practiced. Toxic chemicals, ecosystem contamination and poor working conditions are but a few of the issues that conflict with sustainable practice. Recycling is an exceptional alternative, providing the precious metal without the compromise.

We have seen huge demand from the industry — consumers and creators — for recycled metals and products of sustainable intention.


Both gold and silver can be recycled indefinitely, without ever losing their quality or beauty.

MetCon SEZ

Hold the Degradation

A chief concern with recycled precious metals is fineness. As malleable elements, almost anyone can melt metals down and reform them, but this can lead to sub-standard materials. At MetCon, we both purchase recycled metals in doré as well as take in sources of recycled metal that we re-refine.

We only deal with a small group of trusted suppliers and partners. Our metal is always responsibly sourced and verified.

We guarantee gold and silver at the coveted ‘four nines’ level of purity.