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About Us

Established in 1989, MetCon is one of the most advanced refineries in South Africa.

We elevate responsibly sourced precious metals into products and service offerings that celebrate our cultures, protect our natural landscape, support our communities and allow us all to share in the wealth of our land.

Our Vision

The Evolution of African Wealth

Evolution speaks of natural progression; an improvement to the status quo. While wealth is often observed in monetary values, Africa’s wealth stretches far beyond finances. From our biodiversity and abundant minerals and metals, to our spirited, resilient people, Africa is rich.

Our vision is to beneficiate responsibly sourced precious metals. We aim to add value locally, creating products and offerings that pay reverence to our natural riches, fortify the local economy and develop progressive, sustainable wealth. We work to develop our global industry and evolve wealth for all South Africans.

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MetCon SEZ
Ring designs by Nonhlanhla Mtshali of Hodari Jewellery Creations and Platandia.

Our offering includes superlative refining, world-class wealth products and exceptional jeweller services.

Telling a good story

Stories are culture. They gift us perspective that allow us to understand ourselves, each other and our place in the world, better.

Many of our wealth products weave culture and concept to honour history and heritage, telling contemporary stories with precious metals as medium.

Experience wealth stories

Our Jewellers’ stories have evolved from features to initiatives and events that offer jewellers and their craft the service and exposure it deserves.

The Jewellers’ Story

Our sustainability story is a journey; one on which we are focused on making choices to ensure safe and responsible industry growth into the future.

A sustainability story

Our Promise

Corporate Standards

Our challenge is to be a true leader of sustainable practice and industry innovation, investing in leading technologies that meet — and exceed! — industry regulations and environmental standards.

Responsible Business

We are a proud member of the London-based Responsible Jewellery Council, and have been since 2013. RJC membership is the highest level of global accreditation in the jewellery industry that a company such as ours can achieve. We hold dual certification in the form of Chain of Custody and Code of Practice.
We are an accredited member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative , a critical and respected resource for the responsible sourcing of minerals.


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MetCon SEZ
Jewellery design by Bheki Ngema, Chris van Rensburg of Studio C and Karlien du Plessis of Karlien Designs.

Sourced Responsibly

We source precious metals from trusted suppliers who adhere to strict chain of custody protocol, as outlined in the RJC best practice. We never compromise our standards, as responsible practices are the best defence against human rights violations, environmental degradation and reduced economic opportunities for communities along our supply chain.

Proven Provenance

Supported by our partners, Anglo American Platinum, MetCon are one of the few refiners in the world to produce a platinum provenance certificate, accredited and approved by the RJC.

Our Declaration

Recycled, Whenever Possible

We use recycled precious metals as often as possible, as an exceptional, uncompromised alternative to mined metals.

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Analysed and Certified

Sophisticated X-Ray fluorescence, fire assay and SPARK technologies ensure absolute confidence in metal analysis results. A Certificate of Analysis, signed by our senior laboratory technician, accompanies each analysis.

Fully Licenced

We are fully licenced to conduct all matters of refining and manufacture.

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Analysed and Certified

Sophisticated X-Ray fluorescence, fire assay and SPARK technologies ensure absolute confidence in metal analysis results. A Certificate of Analysis, signed by our senior laboratory technician, accompanies each analysis.

Fully Licenced

We are fully licenced to conduct all matters of refining and manufacture.

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Trade fearlessly.

MetCon guarantees buy-back of its wealth products, at market-related rates.

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Our Story


MetCon secures premises at ORTIA’s SEZ.

Cape Town receives state-of-the-art refinery upgrades, including an electrolytic gold and silver refining cell.


MetCon implements a permit drive, helping 150 jewellers acquire permits.

New Seasons Investments Holdings (Pty) Ltd comes on as MetCon’s new BEE partner.

The Arc Spark OES is installed for quick analysis of trace elements


A new gold processing plant is installed in Pretoria West


Ring design Platandia. MetCon launches The Jewellers’ Story, a visibility campaign for local jewellers

MetCon launches a new wealth product range, that includes the Spiral Series, Money Cowries and Nguni Gold


The Crosse family come on as proud new owners of MetCon


The first company in South Africa (and ninth worldwide!) to become a certified RJC member, with dual certification

MetCon starts operating in Mauritius as SCAR Metals Ring design by Nonhlanhla Mtshali of Hodari Jewellery Creations


The Pretoria West casting division is upgraded with world-class equipment


MetCon moves to Pretoria West, refurbishing an old shoe factory!

MetCon is the first company in nearly 100 years to manufacture and sell minted precious metal bars to South Africa


Pelindaba becomes a space for nuclear-related industry, so MetCon purchases a property in Pretoria West

In compliance with the Precious Metals Act of 2005, MetCon applies and receives a new refining licence for both properties

Vukani Ubuntu Development (Pty) Ltd joins MetCon as a BEE partner


A casting division (with a solid scope machine) is established, assisting jewellers who are battling to comply with the regulations of the new mining charter


MetCon opens in Cape Town, refurbishing an engineering works!


Property is secured in Cape Town in anticipation of a second refinery


MetCon and PGI hold a platinum workshop for 700+ South African jewellers, with platinum expert Jurgen Maertz


PlatAfrica launches! A design competition that celebrates platinum and nurtures jeweller talent. In collaboration with Anglo American Platinum Neckpiece designed by Mfundo Nondyola


The refinery moves to rented premises inside NECSA at Pelindaba


The Stern Family launches manufacturing workshops for local jewellers, operating out of their home


Jewellers become a focus and MetCon starts selling machinery and tools to the trade


The Stern Family buy out Terry and are sole owners


Refinery doors open at Kew, with redundant computer mainframes as a main source of metal


Metal Concentrators (Pty) Ltd is registered! Hillary and Bernard Stern and Terry Manolitsis are owners

Partners and Patrons

We are dedicated to elevating the precious metal industry and the South African jeweller, as well as supporting the local community.

Our projects and partnerships

New Seasons is the BEE partner of Metal Concentrators SA (Pty) Ltd.



We have operations in Gauteng and the Western Cape and are soon to open our flagship refinery, MetCon SEZ. A green building in the Jewellery Manufacturing Precinct at OR Tambo airport.

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